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solar window film installed inside of a large residential property

Solar Window Film – Providing Much More than Sun Protection

Windows are undoubtedly the most prominent feature of any building. This fact holds true for both homes and businesses, with architectural design moving towards larger, open-plan homes with expansive, picturesque views. More windows, however, mean more harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) and Infra-Red (IR) radiation seeping into your home. This radiation, if not addressed, can cause fading and damage to furniture floorings…
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commercial window film installation

5 Key Ways Window Film can Improve Your Commercial Facility

Window film has so many use cases and elements that can benefit facility that it would be impossible to list them all out in detail in just one article. We compiled the top 5 ways having window film professionally installed by Eastern Solar Glass has benefitted our current clients, and we are sharing them here with you today. Energy Conservation…
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The many ways that specialty window film can help homes, offices and institutions by installing security window film, UV window film and thermal window films.

Specialty Window Film – Specific Use Cases and Types

Eastern Solar Glass is well known for its installation work involving Security, Decorative, Privacy, Solar, and Thermal Films, but did you know that they also carry numerous specialty films? These films and finishes are built for specific use cases, making it that much easier to refresh instead of replacing your glass or fixtures for issues that homeowners and business owners…
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picture of open, bright living room with large windows, showing how solar window film can give you crystal clear protection

How Solar Window Film Blocks UV Rays and Regulates Temperature

Whether for commercial or residential use, solar control window films provide answers to challenges businesses and homeowners face when dealing with heat and fading issues. In addition to internally regulating the temperature in your building, resulting in lower energy bills, Sun reflective films also protect your furniture, flooring, and valuables from the fading that occurs, day after day, year after…
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Choosing Window Film for the Summer and Winter

Living and working in the Mid-Atlantic means we get to experience the beauty of the changing seasons. It also means that we have a wider range of climates to deal with, from scorching hot summers to snowy winters. For businesses and homes that have large glass windows, year-round temperature control can be a problem. Big, beautiful windows let in sunlight…
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