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Below are the answers to the most common question we receive about window film and installation.

How Will My Building Benefit from Window Film?

How window film will benefit your residence or business depends entirely on your goals.

  • Solar film increases energy efficiency while protecting furniture and flooring.
  • Security film  helps protect against severe storms, burglaries, and injuries caused by broken glass.
  • Decorative film  can add privacy to a space or create a more upscale look for your home or business.
  • Thermal film  increases window insulation, reduces heat loss, and can help users save on their energy bills.

How is Window Film Installed?

For professionals, window film installation is a quick and easy process! We start by preparing and protecting the areas surrounding the window with drop cloths. After thoroughly cleaning the glass pane to remove dirt and residue, we wet the glass with solution. We then press the film against the glass and squeegee away the excess solution. After trimming the film to fit and ensuring it lies flat, we give the film one last wipe, and it’s done!

How is Security Film Installed?

To provide you with the highest levels of protection, security film has additional installation steps. The film is applied to the windows just like any other kind of window film. Once set, the filmed window is secured to the window frame using the 3M Impact Protection Adhesives (IPA). This attachment system ensures the filmed window is attached to the window frame, creating a sturdy shield that outperforms window film-only systems.

Is Window Film Difficult to Clean After Installation?

Nope! There is no special care required. Window film is as easy to maintain as your existing glass. Using harsh chemicals or abrasives cleaners on window film after installation is not recommended. Placing tape or suction cups on window film after installation is also not recommended and will shorten the life of the film.

How Long Will Window Film Last After Installation?

On average, window film lasts about ten years, and many of our customers have had their window film last for over two decades. The life expectancy of window film depends on climate and exposure to the sun.

Can Installing Window Film Help Me Save Money on Energy Bills?

Yes! The amount of money saved depends on the type of film you chose, your climate, and existing energy costs, but using 3MThinsulate Thermal Film can help you save up to 10% on your heating and cooling bills. Solar Film rejects heat and UV light, and can help users save about one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet!

Are Windows Films Part of a LEEDS Sustainable Design, and Can I Earn LEED Credits?

Yes! Many of the window films we install are a component of LEED Sustainable Design and can help you earn LEED Credits.

Will Window Film Darken My Windows or Change My View?

Our solar, thermal, and security window film is transparent. Depending on your preference, films either look completely clear once applied or make your window look slightly darker, as the film is reducing glare and excess U.V. radiation. No matter whether you choose a clear or darker window film, all you’ll be able to see is your beautiful view once applied!

Is There a Warranty on Window Film?

Of course! As an Authorized 3M Dealer, all of the films we install include a warranty.

Still have questions about window film? We have you covered!