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How decorative window films help employee well-being

How Decorative Window Film Helps Employee Well-Being

Numerous studies have shown that employees who feel comfortable in their workplace are happier and more productive. Indoor plants and greenery, game rooms, flexible schedules – the list of amenities and support companies can provide for employee well-being is varied and long. One thing that is often overlooked (although not intentionally) is the need for employees to feel they can…
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security window film

The Effectiveness & Benefits of Security Window Film

Glass is beautiful as a building material, from showcasing gorgeous views to helping maintain the feel of an open floor plan. Beyond being used for windows and doors, glass is often the material used for interior walls, stairways, and elevator cabs. But it really doesn’t have much fight in it to guard against storms, intruders, or the errant delivery cart.…
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save on air conditioning costs

Window Film: An Effective Way to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

Energy costs comprise a big percentage of a budget, be it for maintaining a home or a commercial building. Did you know that according to the US Environmental Protection Agency 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted? For a home the amount wasted increases to 35%. Those are a big numbers! With warmer weather cooling systems run…
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specialty window films

Beyond The Glass: Exploring Specialty Window Films

Glass is a versatile and essential architectural element, offering beauty and function, transforming the aesthetic of any building both inside and out. It is a resistant material, easy to clean, and it’s transparent nature is an important benefit, offering sunlight and creating beautiful spaces for work and living. Glass is also a sustainable material, recyclable many times over which helps…
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Rainbow Vision: A Decorative Film Case Study

The Architectural Glass Institute represents the leading architectural glass and metal contractors and craftspeople in the Greater Philadelphia market.  They provide a wide range of resources and education to individuals in the commercial real estate industry, and also have a library of case studies showcasing the capabilities of AGI members. Eastern Solar Glass was recently featured in a case study…
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architectural finishes

Space Transformations: The Power of Architectural Finishes

A modern space can have a significant impact on the productivity, morale, and well-being of those within it. When a space is outdated and in need of repair, remodeling is top of the discussion list. However updating can be time-consuming, costly, and disruptive. Architectural finishes provide a fast, affordable and long-term alternative that can transform the various elements of a…
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