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Glass Safety Markings – Staying Up to Code While Maintaining Your Brand Aesthetic

Imagine you’ve just started a new job in a large corporate office building. You’re rushing between meetings, attempting to find the right conference room while looking down at the email on your phone and balancing your coffee in your hand that is not busily typing.

Next thing you know, you’re abruptly stopped by a large glass partition. You didn’t see it, and you didn’t even expect it, not knowing your way around the building.

While a situation like this may be the talk of the breakroom, a more serious glass collision is a serious matter and could potentially harm the person walking into the glass and those around them if the glass were to shatter.

This is why safety markers aren’t only a nice thing to have installed – they’re the law in NYC & will be elsewhere in the near future.

States are starting to recognize these glass challenges in buildings, and they are beginning to implement these challenges into state codes. While the code may dictate specific sizing and placement requirements, it does not speak to how you must design those specially sized and specifically placed glass safety markers.

Available Solutions for Residential, Commercial, or Institutional properties

Worried about your business’s energy costs? Want to feel more secure in your home? Need an inviting interior for your school, hospital, or government building? Look no further! All of the following solutions are available for your project, no matter the property type!


Deter potential break-ins and reduce disruptions to your business with security film.​


Protect your furniture and equipment from fading with solar window film.​​


Protect your furniture and equipment from fading with solar window film.​


Enhance the appearance of your office and promote your brand with decorative window film.​

Improve your energy bill

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