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Important Reasons And Ways To Save The Birds

Fall and winter in the northeastern United States bring cooler temperatures, a dormancy period for many plants, and bird migration sightings. When we look at the soaring birds making their way to another climate, it is a good time to reflect on their importance in our world, and their far-reaching role in keeping the balance of nature. The North American…
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Heat Control Window Film | Eastern Solar Glass | West Berlin, NJ

What Is Heat Control Window Film

There are many benefits to having large amounts of natural light in a home or building. It makes the space feel airier and more vibrant and the views from inside are often one of the most appealing features of a particular location. Plus natural light can also have positive effects on one’s mood and overall health. However, during the winter…
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How To Close Up A Shore Home For The Winter

While there is still great weather ahead, start making plans to close up your home at the shore and make some energy-saving improvements at the same time. Here’s a suggested list of things to take care of before you leave, so that your beautiful home will be ready to welcome you back next year. Temperature While it is obviously not…
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Reaching Net Zero Through Low Carbon Building Retrofits

Slowing global warming is a priority topic, and for the building sector – which generates nearly 40% of the world’s emissions – it is the number one priority. Building owners, developers, and property managers are focused on ways to reduce energy consumption of their buildings which will subsequently reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. New construction to garner an energy efficient…
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two beach houses side by side, with 3m sun control prestige series window film installed by eastern solar glass, one house blue, the other green, with a long flight of steps leading down to beach

3M™ Window Films for Beach Houses and Shore Residences

Having a home located near a body of water, especially salt water as is the case with beach houses and shore homes, comes with its own set of unique challenges, one of the largest being the coastal climate. It’s important for owners to ensure their shore property is protected from coastal elements such as wind, rain, saltwater, flying debris, and…
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