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The Effectiveness & Benefits of Security Window Film

Glass is beautiful as a building material, from showcasing gorgeous views to helping maintain the feel of an open floor plan. Beyond being used for windows and doors, glass is often the material used for interior walls, stairways, and elevator cabs. But it really doesn’t have much fight in it to guard against storms, intruders, or the errant delivery cart.

Locked exterior doors are necessary in commercial buildings, schools, and other places where people gather. Unfortunately the weakest point of entry into any building is through glass, reducing the strength of a locked door. Increasing the security of windows and doors from any type of impact is good practice for building owners and property managers. When looking for solutions security window film is a great option.

What Is Security Window Film

Security window film is a nearly transparent, polyester film applied directly on top of existing glass. It provides a protective layer that reinforces the glass and limits the hazards caused by broken glass since it helps hold the pieces in place.

Why Install Security Window Film

In one example security window film helps keep pieces of shattered glass in place so they do not fly through the air potentially injuring people. Glass tends to be one of the first things damaged in a severe storm, when wind, rain, and flying debris can cause windows to break. Not only is the flying glass dangerous to those inside, but this exposed point is also an invitation to unwanted people to enter the space.

In another example, security window film makes the glass harder to penetrate and more difficult for someone to smash their way through windows and doors which can deter the person. This is especially important when dealing with unwanted intruders, as the extra minutes can be valuable, giving those inside additional time to get to safety.


> Avoids flying, shattered glass decreasing the potential injury to bystanders.
> Provides a translucent barrier helping strengthen glass against severe weather and intruders.
> Depending on the film selected, it can help reduce HVAC costs by reflecting the sun’s heat from entering the space, and keeping heat in during cold weather months.
> Some films can reduce the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, and decrease glare which increases the comfort of those inside.

Case Study

The owners of Associated Watch and Jewelry Buyers in Tampa, Florida had 3M Safety & Security Window Film installed at their store in 2003. In 2020 the film was put to the test when looters were pounding on the windows of the store, and were using pieces of pavement attempting to break in. They were not able to quickly do so, and soon dispersed. Nothing in the store was damaged or stolen. The complete story and photos can be seen here.

Security window film is an affordable solution to help increase building security, and the safety of those inside. By adding this layer outside dangers from storms, intruders, and flying objects can be deterred or prevented from entering safe spaces.

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