How decorative window films help employee well-being

How Decorative Window Film Helps Employee Well-Being

Numerous studies have shown that employees who feel comfortable in their workplace are happier and more productive. Indoor plants and greenery, game rooms, flexible schedules – the list of amenities and support companies can provide for employee well-being is varied and long.

One thing that is often overlooked (although not intentionally) is the need for employees to feel they can do their work in privacy. Workplace design featuring glass-enclosed offices, conference, and meeting rooms are beautiful, but those who work in them describe feeling like a fish in a fishbowl, and therefore unable to really concentrate.

There are solutions to this, some expensive and others less. An option that we favor is the use of decorative window film in workplaces. These products create private settings for the “fishbowls” throughout a workplace floor plan.

The Ways Decorative Window Film Helps Employee Well-Being

Whether frosted, patterned, or custom, the installation of decorative window film creates privacy that, in turn, increases worker happiness and productivity. In addition, these films can also be used to:

> Reinforce company branding and culture by displaying company logos and related images.

> Communicate the core values of the company with custom graphics. These remind employees of the company’s mission and when used in public places inform visitors and guests as well.

> Personalize the look of an office, school, retail store – anywhere! When attracting workers and visitors to any business is paramount, an environment that speaks to these groups is essential. The films can transform an otherwise ordinary space or brighten up dreary environments.

Using decorative window film is more cost-effective than etched glass or custom glass options, yet just as stylish. There are many, many standard patterns and textures that can be used, and 100% customizable window film is also available. Match your company colors or coordinate with your interior design palette. And if in the future a change is needed, it can be easily done for a reasonable cost.

Professional installation is quick with very little interference to daily life in the office and no need for construction chaos.

Elevate your workplace decor, reduce privacy concerns, enhance open communication, and maintain the budget with decorative window films.

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