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Beyond The Glass: Exploring Specialty Window Films

Glass is a versatile and essential architectural element, offering beauty and function, transforming the aesthetic of any building both inside and out. It is a resistant material, easy to clean, and it’s transparent nature is an important benefit, offering sunlight and creating beautiful spaces for work and living. Glass is also a sustainable material, recyclable many times over which helps conserve natural resources.

However the aspects that make it so beautiful also bring some disadvantages. It is susceptible to breakage, is heat absorbent, and while we enjoy the open space feeling it creates, this comes with a lack of privacy. Lastly when it does need to be replaced, glass can be expensive.

Specialty window films can help maintain all of the advantages, while mitigating the disadvantages. Let’s explore some options to keep the benefits of this amazing material.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Vandalism to windows, glass panels, and display cases is costly to fix. Anti-graffiti film provides protection against paint, gouging, and acid etching. The film is applied externally and if damage occurs, can be quickly removed and replaced, saving the cost and downtime for new glass. Additionally, the film rejects 99% of the sun’s UV rays that pass through glass, reducing damage to interior furnishings, decor, merchandise, and graphics.

Cloaking Film

Open working environments promote collaboration and a sense of togetherness. However there are times when privacy is paramount. Cloaking film is transparent and can be applied to the glass walls and doors of rooms with digital screens. When viewed from outside the room, the film obscures the information on the monitor, providing privacy while still maintaining the openness of the space.

Dichroic Glass Finishes

Color shifting glass is a beautiful design feature, bringing an impactful visual to a space. However the cost can be outside the budget. To the rescue – 3MTM DICHROIC Glass Finishes. These films transform clear glass, helping to create a stunning visual.

-Shimmering effects are available in cool and warm tones.
-Film can be cut into letters, logos, patterns or bent to fit curved glass.
-Applications include exterior glass, partition walls, or smooth architectural glass surfaces.

Bird Strike Film

Up to one billion birds die from glass collisions annually just in the United States according to the American Bird Conservancy. Birds do not see and interpret the world as we do and collide with glass when they are attempting to fly to the mirrored image they see of the sky or vegetation. These collisions occur at any time of year and not just during migration times.

Bird Strike films reduce the visual images that birds see and prevent injurious and deadly collisions. The film works because it contains a scientifically proven pattern of distraction markers that makes the glass visible to birds. While the markers are a distraction to the birds they are unobtrusive when viewed by humans, providing clear viewing for those inside the building. The film is applied to the outside of the glass, is easy to clean and maintain, and retains the architectural features of the home or building.

Turf Guard Film

Brown spots on your lawn and landscaping? Artificial siding warped on your home? The cause is often the reflection from nearby windows. Turf protecting film can mitigate this scenario and help protect from further damage.

Flex Write Surface

White boards are a staple in offices, schools, healthcare, and other settings where planning and collaboration is a necessity. But then a permanent marker is used and the board becomes damaged and potentially useless…

Write On-Wipe Off film is a material that can easily transform any interior whiteboard, table, wall, window or other flat surface into a usable whiteboard. Erasable and permanent markers are both easily wiped clean with a water dampened cloth. The surface is also safe for use with common disinfectant sprays (per manufacturer instructions), which is an additional benefit especially for healthcare settings.


Specialty window films offer a variety of ways to enjoy all the glass in our lives!

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