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Thinsulate™ Window Film

Increased Thermal Insulation for Your Windows

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Enhance the comfort and efficiently of your windows year-round with Thinsulate Window Film from 3M. This Low-E or “low thermal emissivity” window film helps you retain cool air in the summer and warmth in the winter by increasing your window’s insulation.

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This virtually invisible window film insulation acts like you’re adding another pane of glass. When Thinsulate is applied to your glass, a single-pane performs like a double-pane, and a double-pane performs like a triple-pane window.

Enjoy a Climate Controlled Environment

Make your home or business comfortable inside no matter the time of year. Installing Thinsulate™ Window Film helps:

  • Keep you warm during the colder months
  • Increase heat rejection and provides additional comfort and energy savings in the summer
  • Let in natural light as the window film is clear
  • Extend the life of your furnishings by significantly blocking harmful UV rays that cause fading
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Thinsulate Window Film Details

  • Applied directly to windows and has a similar effect to adding an extra pane of glass
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Protects furniture, upholstery, artwork, and hardwood flooring from fading
  • Rejects up to 47% of solar energy
  • Includes a comprehensive warranty

Increase Energy Efficiency with Thermal Window Film

If you are struggling to upgrade your residence or business to meet energy use standards, Thinsulate window film can help. Applying Low-E window film to your windows increases the energy efficiency of your building without the cost of replacing your windows.

  • Effective as an extra pane of glass
  • Save up to 10% on energy bills
  • Reduce heat loss up to 38%

Create a more comfortable and energy efficient space without the cost or the trouble.

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Maintain the Appearance of Your Building

Thinsulate by 3M has a neutral appearance that will not affect the look of your windows inside or outside. This virtually invisible thermal window film helps you maintain your view while increasing your energy savings and blocking up to 99% of UV radiation.

Ready to keep your beautiful view while staying comfortable inside?