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Save on energy costs and improve the safety of your building by installing window film. By upgrading your institution’s windows you can increase the sense of comfort and security of your employees or students.

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Safety and Security Window Film for Schools and Public Buildings

Damage caused by unwanted entry or severe storms are some of the worst threats schools, businesses, and government offices can face. Intruders can gain entry in seconds through a broken window or glass door. Installing safety and security film creates a strong barrier that helps to prevent break-ins and mitigates damage caused by storms. Security window film is becoming increasingly common in schools and educational institutions. This extra layer of security can provide students and staff valuable time in the event of potential break-ins and hazards such as an active shooter situation. Upgrade your institution’s windows to keep your employees and pupils secure.

  • Can help slow down intruders and increase the response time of law enforcement
  • Prevents shattered glass from flying and reduces injuries
  • Creates a safe and secure environment
  • More cost-effective than replacing windows with laminated glass
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How to Use 3M Window Film in a School


See how to use 3M’s security window film, privacy film, and sun control film to increase the security and comfort of your school building.

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Increase Your Energy Savings with Solar Control Window Film

3M™ Window Film in New York City


NYC utility rebates ensure 3M™ Window Films pay back fast and help you comply with LL84 and LL87. Window film can help reduce energy usage.

Concerned about how your building’s carbon footprint is impacting the environment or your wallet? Solar control film can significantly reduce the amount of solar heat coming through your windows. The Department of Energy considers window film to be a top-tier technology to help with energy conservation. By upgrading your building with solar control window film, you could save about $1 to $2 per square foot of film installed and get a return on your investment in as little as three years!

  • Lower carbon emissions and save on energy bills
  • Use toward qualifying for LEED credits
  • Fast payback in as little as 3 years
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Thermal Window Film Provides Year-Round Comfort for Tenants

Are you worried about high energy bills and controlling the temperature inside your building? Thinsulate™ window film can help your building stay just the right temperature year round to increase temperature control and energy savings. Sometimes, older institutions like schools, hospitals, and government buildings are not properly insulated and don’t have the best insulation. Applying thermal window film can help you improve your building’s insulation capacity quickly and at a low-cost. Instead of replacing all your windows to meet updated environmental regulations, install thermal window film to your existing glass instead.

  • Reduces hot and cold spots
  • Increases insulation almost like a second pane of glass
  • Saves money on heating and AC
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3M™ Thinsulate™ Commercial Window Film From Eastern Solar Glass Window Film


Enhance the comfort and efficiently of your windows year-round with Thinsulate Window Film from 3M. This Low-E or “low thermal emissivity” window film helps you retain cool air in the summer and warmth in the winter.

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Create Inviting Interiors with Decorative and Privacy Window Film

3M Fasara Decorative Window Film Installed By Eastern Solar Glass


An example of 3M Fasara series Decorative window film custom cut and applied to glass office panels of a major bank. Produced and installed by Eastern Solar Glass.

Customize your interior glass to create visual interest and add privacy to your building quickly and easily. Decorative window film enhances the appearance of your building and can capture the look of cut or textured glass without the expense of replacing your windows. Use decorative window film to make offices private, add visual interest to waiting rooms, or make school windows colourful to inspire students. With so many decorative window film options to choose from, you can add privacy or a touch of design to glass without sacrificing natural light.

  • Hide areas from public view
  • Accent interior spaces while keeping an open feel
  • Create visual interest and impress visitors
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