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Window Film: An Effective Way to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

Energy costs comprise a big percentage of a budget, be it for maintaining a home or a commercial building. Did you know that according to the US Environmental Protection Agency 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted? For a home the amount wasted increases to 35%. Those are a big numbers!

With warmer weather cooling systems run more, which increases costs and also increases carbon dioxide emissions, negatively impacting our environment. By making some changes energy usage, carbon emissions, and budgets can all by lowered, and we can also increase the comfort and safety of people inside.

An obvious starting point is proper insulation of a home or building. Roofs, attics, walls, and floors should all have the proper type and amount of insulation in order to keep exterior air out and interior air in.

However nearly all structures have glass, and usually lots of it. Glass is beautiful, but unfortunately not a great insulator. The challenge is how to improve the efficiency of glass while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Window film to the rescue!

Professionally installed solar window film can reduce up to 79% of the heat entering through windows. It also blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays which is dangerous for people and also fades wood, fabrics, and decor.

Keep the beautiful views, allow natural light in, and save on air conditioning costs with window film. Here are other ways to conserve energy and save on your energy bills:

Install a programmable thermostat

While you are at it, make sure the thermostat is not placed near windows or heat sources which can kick on the system thinking it is warmer than it is.

Look at landscaping

Tall trees can provide shade and are also environmentally friendly. For a home consider planting trees on the sides of the house that face the sun, to give as much shade as possible throughout the day.

Service your AC unit

Regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system keeps it running at its best. When maintenance appointments are skipped, the system ends up working harder which increases energy expenditures.

Take a look at your roof

Light colors reflect heat better than dark colors. Dark color roofs can cause temperatures inside to increase, and necessitate the need for air conditioning systems to run.

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