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providing comfort and security to shore homeowners

Homes in coastal environments require special care and come with their own unique sets of challenges. 

Beachfront residences offer beautiful, panoramic views, meaning many are constructed largely out of glass.  This glass allows you to take in the expansive scenery offered by your home’s location, but the glass also allows in the heat and damage caused by the sun’s radiation and UV rays.  

From fading furniture and flooring, to hot spots and glare, to increasing the security of your home – Eastern Solar Glass has a window film that will solve your glass challenges.

Eastern Solar Glass only offers the highest quality 3M™ window films which come with their own lifetime warranty on material and labor.  This allows you to rest easy knowing your home will be protected for years to come.

Protect your family, furniture and valuables by contacting Eastern Solar Glass today to receive your free estimate for window film installation at your home. 

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The many benefits of window film for coastal and shore residences

Lower utility costs year-round

Don't spend another day dealing with hotspots and cranking up your AC.

Professionally installed 3M window films are able to keep your home at a comfortable, temperate climate year-round. Maintain a cool, comfortable indoor climate, and see savings on your utility bills month after month.

stop fading and damage to furniture, valuables and flooring

The sun's UV rays can be harmful not only to the people inside of your home, but also to your furniture, flooring and other items which may be irreplaceable.

Professionally installed 3M window film is able to reject up to 99% of the UV rays that cause damage to your family and home, helping you to rest easy knowing that your loved ones and possessions are protected.

a lifetime warranty

All of Eastern Solar Glass' 3M window film installation are backed by a full lifetime warranty, protecting you in the event that anything needs to be adjusted in the future.

We hope this gives our client's the peace of mind they deserve. We pride ourselves on being the experts at Coastal Window Film installation and are proud to say that our work will stand the test of time, no matter where we install.

Stop turf melting and other turf issues

Many shore homes come equipped with turf, in place of regular grass to keep lawn maintenance at bay. The large windows which make up these beautiful homes reflect the sun's heat back down onto the turf, melting it.

We offer TurfGuard Window film, which stops the reflection of the sun onto your turf, keeping it in pristine condition for longer.

Privacy on your terms

Eastern Solar Glass offers a wide array of privacy and decorative window film styles, meaning we have something to suite the unique needs of all our clients.

Whether a full tint is needed for a bathroom, or if you'd prefer an etched glass look on the sides of your front door, all the way to fully custom designs, we have you covered.

increase security and stop glass shard accidents

With 3M's Security window film and attachment system, you're protected from broken glass, as the film is able to keep the glass shards together in one piece.

This amazing window film is also able to provide you with extra time in the event of a break-in, to contact authorities by holding the glass together even against the brute force of an attack.

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