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The world is unpredictable. 3M Safety and Security Window Film help keeps danger outside by holding glass firmly in place to create a transparent barrier. The film is applied directly to the glass, and the 3M Impact Protection Attachment System holds the film securely in place, providing the highest level of protection for your glass. Add a layer of security and protect what matters most while preserving the appearance of your home, business, or building with Safety and Security Window Film.

3M Safety and Security Window Film Protects:

Schools & Universities Schools & Universities
Child Care Centers Child Care Centers
Office Buildings Office Buildings
Retail Storefronts Retail Storefronts
Hospitals & Medical Offices Hospitals & Medical Offices
Airports & Transportation Centers Airports & Transportation Centers
Banking Institutions Banking Institutions

3M Safety & Security Film S140 Demonstration

3M Safety and Security Window Film helps protect your home or business from break-ins, low-force impacts, severe storms, and injuries caused by broken glass. Want to protect your environment?