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Glass Safety Markings – Staying Up to Code While Maintaining Your Brand Aesthetic

Imagine you’ve just started a new job in a large corporate office building.  You’re rushing between meetings, attempting to find the right conference room while looking down at the email on your phone and balancing your coffee in your hand that is not busily typing.

Next thing you know, you’re abruptly stopped by a large glass partition.  You didn’t see it, and you didn’t even expect it, not knowing your way around the building.

While a situation like this may be the talk of the breakroom, a more serious glass collision is a serious matter and could potentially harm the person walking into the glass and those around them if the glass were to shatter.

This is why safety markers aren’t only a nice thing to have installed – they’re the law in NYC & will be elsewhere in the near future.

States are starting to recognize these glass challenges in buildings, and they are beginning to implement these challenges into state codes.  While the code may dictate specific sizing and placement requirements, it does not speak to how you must design those specially sized and specifically placed glass safety markers.

What Does the Glass Markings Code Specifically Mandate?

The code mandates markings at about 60” and 30” above the finished floor.  This is to take into account standing adults, children, and those in wheelchairs.

The total amount of coverage is determined by the state’s codes.  However, the coverage area can be broken into smaller pieces to create intricate design patterns.

What Purpose Does the Glass Markings Code Serve?

Simple.  Safety.

 We live in a fast-paced, technologically driven world.  It’s easy to walk into a freshly cleaned pane of glass when you are not paying attention.

When people are rushing, distracted, and unfamiliar with the layout of an office, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Building glass codes such as glass safety markings are in place to help keep building occupants safe.

What About my Businesses’ Brand Aesthetic?

Building codes and design aesthetics don’t always go together, unfortunately.  Being told that you must install glass safety markings on your carefully thought out, well-designed office space can feel like a significant blow.

Luckily, with an experienced team of window film installation professionals, like the team at Eastern Solar Glass, you can create a stunning addition to your current aesthetic while bringing your building up to code.

We will consider the need to balance the size and spacing of shapes on glass panels.  Choosing the right amount of coverage and the appropriate material is critical for getting your design aesthetic that best suits your unique space.

What Options Do I have For My Glass Safety Markings?

The design options are nearly endless.  Here are a few of our favorite glass safety marker design types:

Logos and Personalized Custom Cut Graphics

Add a touch of flair to your entryway or conference room.

Custom-cut logos, graphics, images, and words can be added to your office space to set the mood of your brand and help convey your company’s messaging.

Faux Etched Glass Film

You no longer need to sandblast and acid etch glass to receive this beautiful look.

This type of glass safety marker will look like a part of the glass, allowing its translucency to play with the light.

Adding Texture to Glass

Many decorative window films simulate the look and feel of different patterns and materials.

Getting a textured glass safety marker in a unique style can add privacy and safety to your space,

Choosing the Right Window Film Design Team for Your Project

Need to bring your building up to code?  We’re here to help.  Working with a certified team member with experience in glass design takes the pressure off you and ensures that your final product will be to your specifications.

Trust a team who will ensure that your spacing, coverage, and all other aspects of bringing your glass up to code are covered, like the Team at Eastern Solar Glass.

With over 35 years of experience in the window film industry, we are expert fabricators and installers and are highly skilled in crafting unique design ideas upfront – before we begin the work on your site.

Client satisfaction is our goal.  If you’re ready to get your building up to code, work with an experienced team of glass designers, and beautify your building while remaining within the constraints of the law, contact Eastern Solar Glass today for your free estimate.

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